We're Growing the DMG Syndicate

Yeah, but why?

When a startup pitches us and finishes going through what they're doing one of the most effective questions to ask is, "Yeah, but why?". What they say in the next few seconds is crucial to figuring out a number of things: can we help them do this? Is this a mission we can get behind? And, will they keep going when things get tough?

Answering that, "Yeah, but why?" question is something we do many times in person with potential syndicate members (or SMs as we've started calling them) and it comes down to something pretty simple, as most of the best answers do.

We believe in the power of our collective skills & networks

What we can achieve together is far more than we could alone. DMG SMs are people who want to contribute, learn and invest.


People who have experiences dealing with what the best growing startups will have to deal with in the future - those who can bring a fresh lens to subjects such as hiring, firing, commercial contracts and legal agreements.

We ask, are you keen to be helpful like this?


SMs learn from each other. We will share 5-7 investment opportunities to SMs over the next 12 months and we discuss each one in detail over a dedicated Slack deal channel. What SMs get is a short DMG Investment Memo on the opportunity and it’s after reading the memo that discussions amongst SMs begin. The discussion and Q&A that happens amongst SMs augments DMG’s thinking in DD and helps SMs make their investment decision based not only on their own views but what other SMs can bring to the opportunity.

All this is good for our grey matter - learning is a life-long habit to be enjoyed.


We’re all doing this for a return. As DMG founders we invest personally in every opportunity we show the syndicate. Once we’ve discussed the opportunity a subset of SMs also invest.

And now we can contribute further, learn from that, contribute again.

Investing is a fascinating business - there's a huge opportunity to seek outsized returns through patience and the right contributions. In fact there’s never been a better time to contribute, learn and invest.


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