Introducing Dot Matrix Group – working with entrepreneurs, corporates and investors

“Stop looking for someone with a rulebook” – Seth Godin.

Dot Matrix Group has been established to work with a small number of entrepreneurs, corporates and investors and give them the connections and confidence to solve challenges and grasp opportunities at precisely the right time.

With years of experience the founding team of Dot Matrix Group have seen that startups, corporates and investors can suffer from information overload and from being ‘too connected’. We can reach out to thousands, mentor and be mentored by hundreds and anyone can email you to ask you to do something for them. People get lost doing this thinking that activity is achievement but that’s not the same thing.

Entrepreneurs are here to lead through the challenges faced and Dot Matrix Group works with entrepreneurs to identify and understand their challenges and then construct and execute a plan to achieve those objectives. This includes the right connections in our networks, business planning, identifying talent, investment and governance.

For our corporate partners Dot Matrix Group provides inspiration, insight and learnings from high quality entrepreneurs in briefings on the innovation and disruption relevant to their industry. This includes interactive workshops, customised reports, roundtable discussions and dinners, internal socialisation and identifying talent acquisitions.

And for investors Dot Matrix Group can help share off-market investment opportunities, connections to other investors and opportunities to be an advisor/board member. For the investors’ portfolio companies we can also help those founders with finding talent and executing better.

Running through all this is a quality and global network of good people driving business forward. Dot Matrix Group works with people who aren’t afraid of a challenge and who will challenge us – there is no one, right answer after all. We will only do work we can be proud of with those who have the courage and confidence to drive change within themselves and their businesses.
The aim of DMG is to bring quality insight from entrepreneurs, corporates and investors in order to help the most determined individuals and organisations succeed.

The Founding Team – deep relationships, commercial know-how and international deal-making.

As well as DMG Matthew is also a co-founder of the global network of entrepreneurs 9others. Matthew has been working with and helping startups since 2010, persuaded Y Combinator to come to London for YCLDN in 2011, set up two accelerator programme and has a number of investments in startups at 99others. Matthew has a BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering from Durham University and an MBA from Imperial College Business School.

Kash brings a wealth of commercial experience having been deeply involved in dozens of business plans, investments and acquisitions whilst at Citi Group, Blackstone, Anglo American and BT. Kash is also an angel investor in a number of startups personally. Kash has a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Economics from UCL and an MBA from INSEAD.

AK is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Based in Malaysia, AK’s experiences as a self-made businessman across the steel and commodities trading, agriculture and high end restaurants sectors. AK chose to team up with DMG to work closely with high quality startups, share his business insights and connections, and provide a base to access the Asian market.