Music & Media dinner with Adam & Co

In a discreet town house just off St James’s Square in amongst hedge funds, antique dealers and art galleries is a bank. This bank has no ATM and no posters in the windows shouting about their current accounts. It’s a modern, private bank, with traditional values. Established in 1983 and now part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Adam & Company is a private bank that discreetly goes about looking after its clients. Part of these traditional values is a focus on developing good business relationships for the long term, something we very much share at Dot Matrix Group. Only in patiently getting to know people do we go on to build the best and most trusted business relationships. And there’s no better way to begin than a good meal in the right setting…

Bringing startups including MixCloud, FanBytes and Headliner together with larger organisations including Havas MediaUniversal Music< and The Future Laboratory we curated a dinner and discussion for leading people in the media and music sector. Conversations ranged from influencer marketing through Snapchat, the future of music investing and if eSports are the next generation’s football clubs, what other fringe sports should we be watching.

We all want great things to happen as quickly as possible but we also know that developing trust takes a long time - so why do we still try to rush it? Patience is indeed a virtue and having the confidence to bring good people together for the potential long term is a rare and increasingly valuable endeavour. Thankfully it’s a virtue DMG, Adam & Company and our guests share and we look forward to meeting again and doing business in the immediate or distant future - we’re in this for the long run.

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