Sales dinner with UKTI GEP

The GEP is part of the Government’s Department for International Trade and includes assistance relocating to the UK, guidance on how to grow internationally and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs. More information on the GEP.

On 18th October Dot Matrix Group hosted the latest dinner for entrepreneurs who are alumni of the Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneurs Programme to learn from successful entrepreneurs especially curated from the DMG network.

The theme for this dinner was sales and customer development - often we expect to be able to find a magic wand for sales or we think that if we can just shove more in the top of the sales funnel more will come out at the end. But what’s the reality that the more experienced entrepreneurs have found?

After introductions and as the food arrived and the wine flowed the conversations, tips and shared experiences ranged from how to make use of wide networks such as the other GEP companies to handing out posters and talking to dog walkers on Hampstead Heath...!

Sales can be a challenging subject - entrepreneurs instinctively want to find something that works at scale but the greatest ‘intel’ is found by talking to customers and potential customers one-to-one.

The benefits to sitting down to a good meal in the right setting are endless - all the guests took away new connections, solid insight and too much cheesecake.

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