Part of the Storey

British Land (LON: BLND) launched their new flexible working offering yesterday and DMG are proud to share that we were part of the process. Our work and contributions have resulted in Storey (press release here).

Beginning in January DMG hosted a series of our executive briefings to connect British Land with key influencers and decision makers in this space - people we know well who have grown (and shrunk) businesses around the 20-70 employee mark.

During these briefings a small team from British Land were able to build relationships, gain insights, be challenged and really get stuck into a discussion with the most appropriate people - those who are making decisions, suffering the pains and aware of the hidden gems gained through experience only when growing a company.

Some big questions to answer

  • What's the biggest pain point when searching for a new office?
  • How much time do you spend on this?
  • Should there be free beer and ping-pong?
  • What's the dream scenario?

The need for flexible working has greatly increased in recent years and just one example of this was given by the founder of a startup that had gone from three friends in their spare room to 40+ staff and a multi-million pound exit in the space of three years. Companies, and in particular startups, don't need and don't want long leases of whole floors in buildings. And nor do they want free beer! So what does good look like?

Entrepreneurial feedback

  • Why isn't onboarding as easy as plugging into 'Stripe'?
  • Why can't there be a two-page agreement with no jargon?
  • Why can't we deal with just one person who takes responsibility for services like WiFi, coffee machines, kitchens, onboarding and leaving?

To request a briefing please contact Matthew on