All good things come to those who wait

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In August 2014 I was introduced over email to Richard Koch, the 'K' of LEK Consulting and the author of (amongst other best selling business books) The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less.

We emailed a few times but Richard rarely spends anytime in (rainy) London. However when a friend said he had recently bought and couldn't put down The 80/20 Principle I bought it from the book shop in St Pancras on my way home. I emailed Richard that evening and said after far too long I'd bought his book. He replied enthusiastically and said he'd love to meet up sometime but was still rarely in London as he much preferred the sunshine.


Then I remembered that I'd read somewhere that he had a place in Portugal (as well as Spain, Gibraltar and Cape Town). I said I was spending the summer in London except 10 days in Portugal...

That lead to a terrific lunch with Richard a couple of weeks ago. I was very excited to meet him, to talk business, judging entrepreneurs, investment strategies and the weather.

There's nothing quite like sitting down and sharing a meal with good company and interesting conversation. Even if it did take 3 years (or perhaps especially because it did) I'm glad we made it happen.