Coconut Christmas


As reported in Wired, Coconut were among the businesses that won the second round of Nesta's Open Up Challenge. The Open Up Challenge is in response to Open Banking, which is all about enabling individuals or companies to give other companies access (via APIs) to accounts so that they can provide new products and services to help securely move, manage and make money available more easily and efficiently. Read more about Open Banking via Wired here. The list of prize winners is here.

In other Coconut news Sam, below, took delivery of the new Coconut bank cards. And what did he do with it? He bought Adam a Christmas jumper of course - here.


DMG invests in NoblyPOS


Dot Matrix Group has invested in NoblyPOS, a cloud-based point of sale technology company for the hospitality sector.

George Urdea, Co-founder of NoblyPOS said, “We’re really pleased to have DMG onboard as part of this latest round – we’ve had strong growth over the past year and are keen to leverage DMG in order to continue accelerating.”

Sebastiaan Bruinsma, Co-founder, also commented, “DMG have already provided some relevant connections and have involved us in innovation work with a major prospect – so we’re making good use of them already!”

Speaking of this latest investment AK was keen to emphasise DMG’s ASEAN connections. “What we want to do with DMG is make investments that we can be proud of and really help – George, Seb, Royce and the team are executing well, working really hard in the UK and I want us to be able to help them expand to new markets when the time is right”.

To find out more about NoblyPOS click here.

 The NoblyPOS Team

The NoblyPOS Team