Coconut is a bank account for freelancers and self-employed people. Freelancers embrace the promise of flexibility, independence and control. However, freelancers can also suffer from unexpected tax bills, missed filing deadlines, having to chase payments from clients and manage unpredictable cashflow. Money is a complicated business for freelancers. It’s the great unknown.

The Coconut business bank account works out your taxes, tracks your expenses and helps you get paid on time.



CENTURY is an education tech platform that provides a personalised learning environment that improves learning outcomes and saves teachers time.

CENTURY’s technology provides teachers with detailed insights into each student’s learning so they spend less time is on marking, reporting and data entry. This enables the teachers, department heads and headteachers to make better decisions about their students educational journey.



Nobly Point of Sale provides hundreds of store owners from 20+ countries with a next generation cloud-based iPad till, inventory management system and card payments.

With an industry leading 5 star Trustpilot rating, the Nobly team are working with their global payments investor to drive international expansion..



FanBytes is aA self-service Snapchat advertising platform - making Snapchat advertising as easy as buying an ad on Google.

FanBytes combines a crowdsourced design network, an exclusive influencer network and analytics to help brands reach the most desired audience at scale.


Desmond & Dempsey

A guy & a girl making pyjamas. Taking his shirt & making it hers.

Exclusive prints, designed in London and inspired by Joel and Molly's Sunday adventures. D&D only work with top top quality cottons and the pyjamas are made to last.