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DMG Networking

Great companies are built by smart people.

The DMG team’s matrix of capital, networks and expertise is helping grow the startups our syndicate invests in.


DMG is built on reciprocity. In the startup community we all give back and help each other out.

Pre and post investment we work hard to add value with the network and expertise of ourselves and DMG Syndicate Members.

Our aim is to guide the startup towards growth and ultimately a successful exit.


We think hard during diligence and share our memo explaining our investment thesis with Syndicate Members.

We keep things simple, keep learning from each other and never stop asking ‘why’ and 'why not'?

Syndicate Members share feedback and questions and we explore ways we could add value post investment.


We meet hundreds of entrepreneurs each year. Observing their execution is the key to finding the best investment opportunities.

Syndicate Members review 3-5 high quality, diligenced startups per year (SEIS or EIS eligible).

We invest our own money into every opportunity we present to the syndicate.

To join there is a one-off fee of £999 and no obligation to invest in any startup opportunities - just back the ones you like.

Upon any exit investors get their money back first and then we charge a performance fee on any marginal gains.

Stay One Degree co-founders  Jorge Munoz  and  Tom Bennett .

Stay One Degree co-founders Jorge Munoz and Tom Bennett.

Stay One Degree is a network and members club that connects travellers with some of the world’s most incredible homes.

Why did DMG invest in Stay One Degree?

  • The peer-to-peer property rental space is growing fast and still have huge potential with luxury travel the fastest growing and highest margin niche.

  • With Stay One Degree Tom and Jorge have created a social network with trust at the centre, which allows for some unique experiences.

  • Amongst marketplaces, where users are given too much choice, the search for curated quality will become increasingly important.

  • The trust Stay One Degree achieves with its members will unlock many more homes.

  • Tom first met Kash in 1999 and Matthew in 2017, they have executed tremendously well in the last year and a half and have really built a strong network of high net worth users and luxury homeowners.

LiveSmart’s Founder and CEO  Alex Heaton  in their office near Old Street.

LiveSmart’s Founder and CEO Alex Heaton in their office near Old Street.

LiveSmart combines blood analysis, technology and health coaching to create a next generation health improvement platform.

Why did DMG invest in LiveSmart?

  • User demand for health data is on the rise and people want to know details of their own personal health profile in order to make lifestyle improvements and avoid chronic diseases.

  • Employers are increasingly motivated to provide preventative health monitoring services to look after their employees and this B2B focus fits with what DMG and our Syndicate Members can help with.

  • Since meeting Alex in 2016 we have been able to see the LiveSmart team deliver a great product, whilst growing and developing commercial partnerships with a range of corporates in the UK and abroad. We’ve also gone through the LiveSmart programme and can testify that it has helped us to improve our lifestyles too!

Century's Founder and CEO Priya Lakhani OBE at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Century is a platform for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and advanced data science in education. The Century technology creates a personalised learning environment and improved engagement and outcomes for each student that uses it.

Why did DMG invest in Century?

  • Priya and her team's passion and drive to improve education using AI.

  • Education and AI is a huge opportunity. Having 30+ students in a classroom being taught the same thing by one teacher is not the future.

  • Students deserve a better learning environment and can get this with Century. Personalised learning for the students with reporting and analytics for teachers, head teachers, local authorities and even government.

Coconut's Co-founders Sam O'Connor and Adam Goodall in a 'This is Money' feature.

Coconut is a bank account for freelancers and the self employed. Coconut makes working as a freelancer easy by estimating tax and sorting expenses.

Why did DMG invest in Coconut?

  • Sam and Adam met at PwC and have started, grown and exited a startup together before. We first met Adam (via a DMG Syndicate Member) in 2015 and we were impressed by their focus and execution in raising investment and recruiting team members and users.

  • There is an explosion of people working as freelancers and it's only getting bigger. Due to the changing nature of work many more people will have multiple 'income streams' that needs to be accounted for.

The Nobly POS co-founders in the office kitchen.

Nobly POS is the #1 customer-rated EPOS system for hospitality and top choice for renowned coffee shops, delis, restaurants and chains throughout the UK, US, Canada and 20+ other countries.

Why did DMG invest in Nobly POS?

  • With a number of EPOS systems on the market knowing George and the team since 2015 allowed us to observe how they were executing in order to make a more informed decision.

  • Over time we came to understand just how big the EPOS opportunity in hospitality is and the Nobly team's focus on executing well in this sector and not allowing themselves to be distracted has been very impressive.

  • Observing important key decisions such as placing the development team in Uruguay and expanding to the US via Austin.

FanBytes Co-founder and CEO Tim Armoo in The Evening Standard feature.

FanBytes allows brands to advertise through Snapchat influencers at scale. The FanBytes tech enables brands to create, distribute and analyse Snapchat advertising.

Why did DMG invest in FanBytes?

  • Seeing Tim and Ambrose's dedication to the business since 2013 (Matthew was an investor in their very first round and helped incorporate the company).

  • The team have achieved impressive revenue growth since then winning multiple large, repeat clients, securing further investment and growing an impressive team.

  • Tim and Ambrose's impressive management of the business showed that they could run the company along side their university studies, gaining their degrees as planned.

Desmond & Dempsey

D&D Co-founders (and husband and wife team) Joel Jeffrey and Molly Goddard as featured in Startups.

D&D make exclusive prints, designed in London and inspired by Joel and Molly's Sunday adventures. Made from top quality cottons these premium pyjamas are made to last.

Why did DMG invest in D&D?

  • Molly's infectious passion for making D&D into a world-beating brand and Joel's diligent focus on making quality PJs and solid business.

  • The team's vision and focus has consistently enabled them to overcome growth pains impressively.

  • We, like thousands of others, just love the product.

DMG’s investments have been made through the DMG Syndicate and/or DMG’s investment funds


DMG Team


Matthew Stafford

Focus: Relationships and sourcing

Investor and trusted counsel to entrepreneurs since 2010.

Matthew is a co-founder of 9others, established in 2011, an entrepreneur supper club now active in 45 cities worldwide with 4,000+ attendees.

Strong investor and entrepreneur relationships from Seed to Series A. MBA from Imperial College and BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering from Durham University.

Away from DMG Matthew runs ultra marathons (like this), watches Formula 1 and enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and son at home in Hertfordshire.

Kash Aslam

Focus: Diligence and commercial rigour

Investor and advisor to startups since 2012.

20 years M&A and investing experience at Citigroup, Blackstone, Anglo American and now at a FTSE 100 TMT company.

Previously Non Exec Director for a software company that IPO’d in London in 2016. MBA from INSEAD and BSc (Hons) in Maths with Economics from University College London.

Aside from DMG Kash enjoys playing football every Sunday morning, supporting Tottenham Hotspur and spending time with his wife and daughters at home in London.

William Du

William Du

Focus: Investor Relations, Malaysia

Advisor to HNW clients since 2004.

William is a DMG Partner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Ingenious Haus Group, a boutique financial services company, providing corporate finance, private equity, wealth management & investment services to entrepreneurs, William connects Ingenious Haus' clients seeking high growth diligenced investment opportunities in the UK to DMG.

William has an MBA and BA (Hons) in Accounting from the University of Hertfordshire.

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